Pink Flamingos Have Flocked to Anaheim

The Anaheim Hotel Showcases New Mural Art Installations

Enjoy new custom artwork at The Anaheim Hotel by Southern California team, Coloring Cali. Lead mural artist, Cori Alsbrooks, has been a professional muralist for over 25 years and has received national awards and recognition in multiple mediums. Her partner, John Alsbrooks, is the “idea guy” and art director. View their full sized wall murals on buildings five and two, the next time you are at the hotel for a visit.

Exterior rooms with flamingos in painted art, The Anaheim Hotel
Painted mural of flamingo in long hallway at The Anaheim Hotel
Close-up of a girl at The Anaheim Hotel

About the Artist

Cori & John Alsbrooks are the husband and wife team, Coloring Cali. They moved to Los Angeles in 2016 for the expansive opportunity for mural creation. Cori began full-time in the venture, and soon after, John joined, co-founding Coloring Cali. Lead Artist Cori Alsbrooks has been creating murals professionally for over 25 years after beingtrained privately from age 5 and then continuing to receive a BFA in Graphic Design and professional Writing, as well as education certification in the Arts. She has received national awards and recognition for her artwork in multiple mediums, and she works with clients across the U.S.Art Director John Alsbrooks is often dubbed as "the idea guy." As a strong creative and visionary, he provides valuable input in the layout and design process, bringing years of experience in collaborating and creating, sales and management, performing and training, along with event planning and directing, security and protection